The Pegboard modules.


Built in Payment Gateways

Pegboard integrates with many payment gateways around the world. delivering a secure environment for online commerce and transactions within the ODP.

Powerful Products Flexibility

Create and display a flexible and powerful online product catalogue.

Donations Engine

Donations provide the facility to accept donations or once-off payments via a user-configurable form. Payments are processed using secure credit card.

eCommerce Engine

The eCommerce is a powerful shopping cart and payment gateway that provides a way for your website visitors to order products and to book events, utilising secure credit card transaction processing.

Shopping Integrated

The Pegboard ODP is Integrated into Google shopping and delivers clients a set of reports and tools to continue manage and increase activity and sales on your Website.

Integrated Freight Engines

Freight is a very important part of ecommerce. With the Pegboard ODP you can calculate freight within the platform itself or you can use one of the integrated third party freight systems. Essentially its is about what suits your company and the flexibility that you require.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart and payment gateway to provide a way for your website visitors to order products and to book events, utilising secure credit card transaction processing.



Pegboard ODP can allow you to create Surveys via its advanced form builder. Thereby delivering you the means to interact and gather user information, profiles and activity on the Website.


Create simple questions with multiple choice answers and produce statistics of voters.

SEO Optimization

The SEO Module allows you to edit the web page metadata that is critical to search engine performance.


The Events Engine allows you to create web pages containing lists of events and calendars. Events also include the ability to allow web visitors to register for your events through e-commerce.

Google Integration

Marketing and utilizing Google tools in the ODP delivers greater results and better intelligence to the business owner. Pegboard continues to deliver a fully integrated approach to Google tools.

Banner Ads

Banner Ads module allows you to manage Collections of Ads within the Pegboard console and display these on the Website in any place that you designate in your template.


eMarketing gives you the ability to send customized branded emails direct to your web customers. Send newsletters and promotional; material to subscribed users.

Social Networking

Social Broadcasting Management Platform

The Pegboard Social Media module allows you to share content directly from your CMS to your favourite social media websites. This module helps you increase your online presence by leveraging your social network to drive users to your website.

Social Content Sharing

By sharing content via social media you allow for fast enablement of users to utilize information off a website and pass it on to other users via their own means and where they see fit.

Blog Engine

Blogs allows Web Administrators to publish an online journal or diary on the Website and allows web users to leave comments for each journal entry.


Forums allow visitors to communicate with each other by posting messages. Visitors can view forum posts, add messages in and around the forum. When posting in the forum, you can create new topics (or "threads") or post replies within existing threads.